Sunday, December 30, 2007

December '07 Booklist

It's that time again to share what books I read for the month. I kept a list of the books I read from Jan-Dec and in 2007 I completed 53 books. Not to shabby!!!

1. Al & Joanna Lacy - Whispers in the Wind:
Book 3 in the Orphan Train Trilogy. This book was a little different than the first two. The story focused more on the orphans and their lives on the streets where the first two focused more on the lives of the orphans as they boarded the train and found new families. Book 3 is mostly about a boy named Dane whose family is murdered and he is forced to the streets. Along the way he meets some wonderful people, finds a new faith and puts that faith to a test. This book is a great lead in to another trilogy: Frontier Doctor. I definitely have to know what happens to Dane and Tharyn! (Christian fiction)

2. Natalie M. Roberts - Tapped Out: Book 2 in the Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mysteries. This is such a fun, light mystery. I love the characters. They are quirky and have a great sense of humor. Jenny is still struggling to make ends meet. So as a favor to a friend, she takes up a side job to be an instructor for a dance competition that just rolled into town. However, the extra thousands bucks doesn't come easily. Especially when Jenny starts receiving threats and instructors start disappearing! (Fun/light mystery)

3. Richard Paul Evans - Finding Noel: I love Richard Paul Evans stories. They are always sweet and just make you feel good after you are done reading them. This was a great Christmas story about realizing that everything happens for a reason. People come into our lives that were meant to be there and even though we struggle with difficult and painful situations, they always teach us something in the end.

My favorite quote, "Be kind to everyone - you don't know what cross they're bearing and how sweet that kind word might ring." (Fiction)

4. Ann B. Ross- Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind: Book 1 in the Miss Julia series. A great book full of witty characters and many laugh out loud moments! Miss Julia is recently widowed and has found out that her late husband was very well off and that he also had a young son that she didn't know about. She quickly gets mixed up in all kinds of mess and definitely says what's on her mind. (fiction)

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Rachel Hope said...

I am so sad...I finish 0, yep, ZERO books in Dec. :( I have 2 I am working on, but not very diligently