Wednesday, October 17, 2007


My friend Kris tagged me:
Will you join me in an experiment? I will answer the question: What was I doing 10/20/30 years ago…Then, you answer this question on your blog or here in the comments section. Tag as many other bloggers as possible & have them link back to (Mary DeMuth) who started this little social experiment!

So here are my answers:
10 years ago (1997) - I was a freshman in college attending Victoria Community College. I remember my hardest class being Anatomy..why did I take that my first semester of college? No clue, but I did really good. I was babysitting A LOT and selling Cutco knives (nice combo huh?). Ross had just asked me out on our first date. He invited me to his high school (yep I robbed the craddle) homecoming dance on Nov. 1st. I remember telling him that I had to check my schedule, LOL. He still gives me hard time about that.

20 years ago (1987) I was 8 and in third grade (I think is that right mom?) I went to Trinity Episcopal School. There were 14 people in my class. We were probably getting ready for our fall festival at school. They always had a great one that we attended every Halloween. Every class room had a different theme, some were games, one was a haunted maze, one was the loading room for the hay ride. The cafeteria had food and a cake walk. It was so much fun. I just loved that school. I was taking ballet lessons from Jan Moore. I also believe that was the year my brother was in boot camp. If so,I remember going to see him in Missouri.

30 years ago (1977) not born yet

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Mary DeMuth said...

Love your blog! Thanks for being a part of this experiment.