Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jason Bourne and new luggage

Just got back from seeing The Bourne Ultimatum. Wow, Wow, double Wow!! I would watch it again in a heartbeat. It was sooooo good and the best out of the three movies; which is saying a lot because I LOVE the other two! It was full of intense action from start to finish. My favorite scenes were the one in the terminal, and the chase with Nicky. Also the part where he uses the flashflight and the fan..would have never thought about that, LoL! Best lines of the movie "Um, he just drove off the roof" :) or "I doubt that..if you were in your office we would be having this conversation face to face" - love it! Matt Damon was SUPERB and I loved this director. His camera angels were super cool and he kept you totally intrigued throughout the entire movie. Great end to the trilogy!!
Ratings: 5/5

Last night we went to Kohl's because they are having a crazy good sale (when are they not, lol). Anyhow, we bought new luggage. My bags were ruined in Kauai, they were slashed and duct taped back together. So everytime we go to Kohl's we look at luggage. Ross got a 4 piece set for $40 and I got a 28" hot pink bag for $30. Both were originally $119 each. Woohoo!!! Now we just need to take a trip :)

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