Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Just got back from finally seeing this movie. We loved it. It is great seeing our favorite characters grow up. The lady who played Umbridge was perfect!!! I loved Kreacher, Harry teaching his classmates, seeing everyone's Patronus and Fred/George's celebratory departure from Hogwarts. The thestrals were amazing and I loved watching the Order fight the Deatheaters. Helena Bonham Carter played a great Bellatrix Lestrange!! It was great hearing dialog that was taken directly from the book too. I know many people were disappointed with this one, but then again you would be if you didn't read the book. This movie was like a cliff note compared to the 870 page book. A book can go into so much more detail and a movie basically just touches on main points to bring to life on the big screen. Nothing will ever be as good as the way J.K. Rowlings describes things. With that in mind, get ready, the final book comes out next weekend...can't wait!!!

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Kris said...

Being a GIGUNDO HP fan, books and movies...I agree that this was a near perfect rendition of the plot. I was so pleased with HBC as Bellatrix. Umbridge was a terrifying delight! I only wish we could have seen Ron playing Quidditch...if it had just been a tad longer they might have been able to squeeze it in! :) I can't wait the book comes out tomorrow at midnight~ and yours truly will be there~