Monday, May 28, 2007

May '07 Booklist

I am a self proclaimed bookworm. I have always enjoyed reading and I like to keep a list of books I have finished. My favorites include Christian fiction and fun murder mysteries. I recently started sharing my list with some of my Lostie sistahs and encouraging them to do the same. It is a great way to find new authors. So I thought I would post it here as well. This month I read the following 4 books:

Sue Monk Kidd - The Secret Life of Bees
I've had this book forever. My mom lent it to me. I
wasn't sure I would like it once I started the first
couple chapters but I was proven wrong quickly. The
story was told by a little girl and I just loved her
and fell in love with the rest of the characters. It
was a great story that definately kept me intrigued.

Linda O. Johnston- Sit, Stay, Slay ( Book 1 in the
Kendra Ballantyne pet sitter mysteries)
I found another fun mystery series that is way cute.
The main character is a pet sitter who finds one of
her customers murdered when she goes to let out the
dog. Of course she is on the list of suspects so she
must prove her innocence. I can't wait to read the
rest of the books in this series.

Tamar Myers - Thou Shalt Not Grill ( Book 12 in the
Pennsylvania Dutch series)
This is just a silly mystery series that is a super
quick read. The main character is a Mennonite that
runs a B&B and is great at solving mysteries. There
are many wild and wacky characters that make me laugh
out loud all the time.

Karen Kingsbury - Sunrise ( Book 1 in the Sunrise
This is by far my favorite author. There are 2 other
series before this one; The Firstborn series and the
Forever Faithful series. Each series contains 5 books
that you have to read in order because the characters
carry over into each book. I have fallen in love with
these characters and I always look forward to reading
what happens to them. The stories are all heartwarming
and leave you excited for the next book to come out.


Anonymous said...

She is by far my favorite author too! I've read and own all her books. She wrote a personal letter to me when I had surgery a couple years ago. Shes an awesome person!

T. Whitesell said...

Thanks for sharing your list, I'm always looking for someone new to read. I love Kraen too:) Have a great weekend.