Thursday, May 17, 2007


It's blackberry season down here. Do y'all call them blackberries? I grew up calling them dewberries but everyone looks at me odd when I say that, LOL. I always looked forward to May when I was little because my parents would give me a bowl and send me out to gather berries with a friend. Yes I grew up in the middle of nowhere! We would always come home covered in poison oak but it didn't stop us from doing it over every year. Ross ended up planting this bush last year and it is covered with fruit. I hope that the birds don't gobble them up so I can make a cobbler..YUM!


Michelle said...

How fun! My raspberries are blossoming now too! I can't wait until they're ripe enough to eat!

I've never heard them called dewberries before. I think that's a cuter name than blackberries!

Anonymous said...

I love dewberries, hope the bird don't getem'! This post makes me want to get out in the yard right now and grow three more bushed. Keep posting.