Thursday, August 14, 2014

Art for Kids Hub!

Does your little one love to draw or paint? Ross and I have loved to do both since we were little tots ourselves so we couldn't wait to introduce Charlotte to art. At the beginning of this year, I discovered a very cool website - Art for Kids!

Mr. Rob is a very cool dad and an incredibly great art teacher. He loves creating new keepsakes with his three little munchkins and creates fun videos with them that shows the viewer how to draw or paint a certain object. He is one of those people that was gifted with not only an amazing talent, but also an easy way to describe shapes to young ones.

Ski Jumper (2/7/14) Age = 3

I was shocked the first time I let Charlotte follow along with a video. I had been pinning his tutorials for quite a few weeks, thinking it would be fun to do with C when she got a bit older. One morning we were upstairs and I just so happened to play the video for the ski jumper. I thought I would draw a few things and give them to her to color while we watched the Olympics later that evening. She quickly begged to draw along, so I gave her a Sharpie and sat back in utter amazement as she did her best to follow along. She was 3 and obviously started with a tutorial meant for older artist, but in my proud mommy eyes it looked like the best darn ski jumper I had ever seen. I showed it to everyone and so began our obsession with Art for Kids!

Hello Kitty (3/24/14) Age = 3

Mr. Rob posts new tutorials several times a week giving you lots of options to choose from and for several different age groups. I pin the ones we like and then just wait for C to mention that she wants to do an art project with Mr. Rob. She also knows all of the kids and talks about them like they are best friends.

Teddy Bear (5/13/14) Age = 3

Flamingo (5/13/14) Age = 3

Pooh Bear (5/13/14) Age = 3

Mr. Rob does a lot of drawings, but he also includes tutorials for painting and origami. We have been letting C paint with brushes since she could sit in a high chair. She would always paint something and explain what it was suppose to be. If you squinted an eye and tilted your head, you could sometimes see it, lol. I was so impressed when she wanted to try a few of the painting tutorials.  I love how these two turned out and you can definitely tell what the subject was suppose to be. Her confidence in her art began to blossom right around here. She would show off her work to family and friends and would just beam when they exclaimed how great it was for her age and could correctly identify what she was showing them.

Panda Bear (5/14/14) Age = 3

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you will immediately realize why I love this little panda bear. When we were expecting C, we decided to not find out what we were having. We started referring to my growing bump as our little panda bear. Ross came home, took one look at her drawing and quickly claimed it as his own. It's now framed and sitting in his office at work.

Happy Bee (5/16/14) Age = 3

Koala (6/4/14) Age = 3

I was excited when I saw this tutorial. It was a fun way to introduce Watercolor Pencils to C. We currently have this one hanging up in our entryway. That cute little koala makes me smile each and every time I see it!

Spider Age = 3

Rainbow Dash (6/10/14) Age = 3

I wish I would have taken a video when C saw that Mr. Rob added a Rainbow Dash tutorial. She reached decibels only dogs should have been able to hear. Needless to say, My Little Pony is big in this house at the moment.

Watermelon (6/10/14) Age = 3

Soccer Ball (7/8/14) Age = 3

Firework (7/8/14) Age = 3

Dragon (8/5/14) Age = 4

Mouse (8/14/14) Age = 4

She named hers Cheesy so I decided to call mine Gouda.  I have to admit that I love sitting down and working on a picture myself. It has definitely made me quite popular with the neighborhood kids when we have been outside doing chalk art and I bust out a design that we just learned.

Starfish (8/14/14) Age = 4

Most of all I love watching Charlotte blossom into a little artist. Watching the videos not only teaches her to draw/paint, but it's a good way for her to learn to listen and follow directions. We've noticed that it has changed the way that she draws on her own as well. She is more imaginative and loves trying to draw pictures of us, favorite Disney characters or objects around the house.

I can't say enough good things about Art for Kids! Go check out the website, pin some ideas, grab you kids and get to drawing. I assure you it will create lots of laughter, great memories and tons of precious artwork to treasure yourself or share with loved ones!!

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