Friday, November 1, 2013


I thought this would be the very last year that I would have a say and get to pick out Charlotte's Halloween costume. Boy was I wrong! When I started mentioning my ideas on what I wanted to dress her as, she quickly shot it down. " I want to be a witch mama. A witch with a purple skirt, a hat, and a broom". I immediately scratched my plans and started searching for ideas. I have to say I'm so glad she chose to be a witch. She was incredibly adorable and got tons of compliments.

I started by making her skirt. Have you made a tulle skirt before? They are so incredibly easy. I prefer fuller skirts so I selected 4 different colors to work with. I followed this tutorial to get the right length for a longer skirt. It worked perfectly. 

Public service announcement: If you use the glitter tulle, your house will be COVERED in glitter for the rest of your life, lol.  The above picture was taken the day I made the skirt. We swept and mopped a lot that day, but it was worth it. Chances are if you come to our house, you are more than likely going to leave with some specks of glitter on you! I'm just hoping people think my floor is so clean that it does in fact sparkle! 

I found this tutorial for an easy, quick, but super cute cape. The only thing I did differently was to add random patches around the cape to give it a bit of color. I just sewed pieces of the tulle to felt and then sewed them to the cape. The green is glitter ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby. I'm glad I made it because it ended up being a bit chilly so my little witch stayed nice and warm. 

I followed this tutorial to make flowers for her cape and hat. They were super quick to make. I added some sparkles by covering the edges in purple Stickles. We found the broom and cauldron at Target and then she had some black and white leggings that she wore underneath. 

I love homemade costumes! I really am glad she suggested to be a good little witch. I can't wait to see what she wants to be throughout the years to come. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. I'm off to sweep up more glitter. 

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Jennifer ♥ said...

Love her costume - you are such a creative mama and she is so lucky you are so crafty!

I love the picture of the glitter feet!