Tuesday, April 24, 2012

21 Month Update

Charlotte is 21 months old today. My baby girl has become a full blown independent little toddler in a blink of an eye. I have had such fun watching this change in her this past month. She's understanding more, practicing a lot of pretend/imaginative play and having a blast exploring and experiencing new adventures. Thought I would give you a quick update while my peanut is snoozing.

Charlotte continues to talk up a storm. Some of the newest words to her vocabulary are: welcome, avocado, asparagus, bathroom, taxi, pirates, helicopter, watering can, lemonade, amazing, heavy, playground, airport, recycle and loofah. She has also been saying several phrases such as: thank you, bless you, I chase dog, I see you, and I okay.

Her new favorite activity is blowing bubbles. A few days ago she actually learned how to master this task and has asked to go outside and blow bubbles every day since then. It's so cute watching her huff and puff and then she gets so super excited when she actually blows a few into the wind.

She still loves going to playgrounds and has just started to learn to come down the slides by herself. Would help if she started on the baby slides, but no - missC wants to go down the tallest, steepest slides she can find. This causes my heart to stop beating constantly. Girl has no fear whatsoever!

Pig tails!!!!! Thank goodness for pig tails. Charlotte's hair hit a growth spurt and one day she woke up with hair half way down her face. Problem was she always ripped out the barrettes/clips that we used to pin her hair back with and there is no way on this green Earth that she will sit still for a quick haircut. Then along comes pig tails. We introduced them last week and so far she keeps them in all day. Hopefully it will last. Plus they look uber sweet and cute!

Charlotte's new favorite afternoon snack is shredded coconut. She found it in the pantry one afternoon and brought it to us asking for cheese (guess that is does look like shredded cheese). We told her it was coconut and gave her a taste thinking she wouldn't like the texture or flavor. Wrong. She loves it and brings me the coconut bin and a bowl every day so she can have a little snack.

Her imaginative play has really improved this past month. She feeds baby dolls and loves loves loves to fix and serve us food. We play sandwich shop a few times daily. We sit down and she greets us with a cheerful, high pitched "Hi, eat". She then constructs a sandwich, naming the items as she goes  before handing it to you and staring all over again. I can't wait to finish up her kitchen for her birthday. She is going to have a blast with it. We are still playing with Easter eggs too. She currently likes us to hide eggs inside eggs inside eggs. She then shakes them and opens them all up. She also likes to stack all of the halves on top of each other.

Fun, Fun, Fun very active age. She constantly keeps us laughing, smiling and always astonishes us with the new things she has learned. I love my little Panda girl.


Jennifer ♥ said...

I can't believe she's already 21 months old!! I love the pigtails - super cute! Preston is also a daredevil and loves going down the big twisty slides by himself. He has no fear just like his daddy!

Margaret said...

She is so super cute! You and Ross are so blessed to have her in your lives. I love all the felt fruits and veggies you're making.