Saturday, August 14, 2010

Large Feet

Last Thursday, Love That Shot started a new weekly feature called Link-Up. All you do is post your favorite photo from the week along with a little tip. I'm a few days late playing, but that's just how my new life is these days :) Of course, my photo is going to be one of Charlotte. I could snap pictures of her all day long. I love baby feet. They are so incredibly soft and sweet. We've gotten a lot of comments about Charlotte's feet. She might be a tiny baby, but she has extremely long legs & arms and then you see her feet! They are long, slender and her tiny toes curl just like mamas. I snapped this photo while she was napping on the couch Thursday. My tip is don't hesitate to zoom in and focus on tiny parts. They sometimes make the sweetest photos. I love the tiny creases on the bottom of her foot, the leftover spot from where the Dr. took blood and even the bit of peeling skin on her leg. Picture was processed using the Chamomile Photo Veil.

Quick update on me - surgery yesterday went well. Kidney stones were removed successfully. Just been resting up a lot today. I go back in on Wednesday to have the final stent taken out, then I have a follow up on the 26th where I should get the results telling us what caused the stones to develop. Thank you for all of the prayers and well wishes! They have truly brightened my day!!!!


Jennifer ♥ said...

I looove the baby foot picture!! Definitely very kissable :)

Glad the surgery went well and you're doing ok. I hope all the drama is behind you now so you can focus on spoiling little Charlotte ♥

Anna said...

Awww, what a sweet foot! They grow so fast! Glad surgery went well. So sorry you had to deal with it at all though. You all have been in my thoughts!

debbies said...

Ahhhh what a sweet sweet picture!!! So glad you are feeling better Kim! I've spent the last 3 days helping my daughter move in to her brand new home! Wishing she was tiny like your precious little one.