Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo Veils

IMG_2789 copy, originally uploaded by orosky17.

Have you heard? Open Scrapbook just released Photo Veils - The Simplicity Collection!! Photo Veils go right on top of your picture, then you play around with the blending modes to create the desired look you want. It's super easy to use and transforms your picture within minutes! The set includes 30 fantastic Photo Veils and it truly is a wonderful variety of shades! I had fun playing around with them the other day. This is one of the photos that I transformed. This photo was taken on our Arkansas vacation when we visited the greenhouses at College of the Ozarks. I used the following Photo Veils and blending modes:

Mountain Sunset - Soft Light - 46%
November Haze - Overlay - 41%

You can find more samples on Michelle and Misti's blog!