Friday, September 25, 2009

Copic Refill Update

I made an uber sweet Magnolia card, but I can't show it to y'all just quite yet. I want the recipient to see it first :) I'm busy editing and uploading vacation pics. So fun to go through and look at them all again. We had such a great time!!!

Since I don't have anything to show y'all today, I thought I would update you about the Copic refills. I wanted to thank everyone for leaving/emailing comments and tips - they were all helpful. Thought I would post my finds here since several of you seemed interested in the same question. I ended up ordering my refills from Merri Artist. That is where I order the majority of my Copics from. They have great prices and I've always received fabulous service from them. I own the Sketch Copics, so I took the advice of carefully pulling out the broad nib since I only use the brush end. If you look on the side of your refill bottle, there are little notches. 2 of those notches will fill a Sketch marker. If you go over that, your marker will overflow. It was easy to insert the refill spout into the marker. Just carefully add drops until your marker is full. If you do happen to get ink on the side of your marker, don't fret. Just use some hand sanitizer to clean it right up!!!!

I also wanted to point out that SCS has created a sketch gallery. Y'all know I love sketches. It's now easy to quickly look them all up in one place and pick a layout to use! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Danni said...

Okay,I'll have to be brave and try the refills. Thanks for posting this!

Tammi said...

See, refilling is easy...thankfully! :) Oh didn't realize SCS had a sketch gallery, cool, will have to look it up! I had an interesting night of Smallville, will be e-mailing you soon!

Bridgett said...

Thanks for the links and tips! Loved it!