Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Treats

We tried some new light summer treats that we wanted to share with y'all. Both are super simple to whip together and make. First up is Raspberry Buttermilk Cake. I first saw it on Smitten Kitchen and then saw it in my copy of Gourmet magazine. This is my kind of cake!! I'm the weirdo who doesn't like regular birthday cakes. They are just too sweet for me. This one is perfect though. It's light, small and the flavors are great for summer. The buttermilk makes the cake super moist and the sugar gives the top a nice little crunch. I love the raspberries with the lemon zest too. They give each bite a burst of flavor. This would also be great to make for a brunch or to serve along with coffee and hot tea in the afternoon!! Save this one folks - you won't be sorry. Next up, is Aida's Mexican Chocolate Frozen Bananas. Ross made these last weekend and they were such a yummy and fun treat. It's something kids would enjoy helping out with as well!! Again the flavors were perfect. The cinnamon in the chocolate paired perfectly with the toasted coconut and banana. It's a great treat to cool off with on a hot summer day! As always, don't be scared to test out something new. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Pam Speidel said...

Hi Kim! I don't recall how I ever found your blog...probably through a challenge link. Anyway, you're in my google reader now and this recipe just jumped right off the page this morning. It sounds totally YUMMY to me and I've printed it out to try. Thanks for sharing it with us! Enjoy your weekend...and the cake! Smiles, Pam :)

Anna said...

Ooo, this looks yummy! And looking foward to the frozen bananas!

Tammi said...

Whoa, YUM!!!! I'll def. be trying that. And funny, last night when we were coming home from church I was craving a frozen choc. banana! I was thinking of making some cut up ones and sticking them in the freezer...might have to try this one though, the coconut sounds good on them!