Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shimmerz Color Chart

Can y'all tell that I love Shimmerz? I've been slowly collecting all of the colors from Jacksonbelle Embellishments. I thought it would be helpful to have a chart where I could put a little dab of each color on it and keep it near my desk. That way I could see what all of my colors looked like on cardstock; making it easier for me to choose what color I wanted to use. The good news is we decided to share our color chart with y'all. You can download a printable version of it here on the Jacksonbelle blog.

I thought I would go ahead and show y'all what I did with my chart. I simply printed it out on cardstock and decided to stamp two images in a box. On one image I just painted a thin layer of Shimmerz. This way I could see what an image would look like and if I could see the image underneath once the color was on it. On the other image, I painted a pretty thick layer of Shimmez just to see the color better. You can do whatever you want with it. I also left some empty boxes at the bottom so you can write in any new colors that might be released in the future. Just for fun Taylor asked all of the design team gals to pick out their favorite Shimmerz colors so be sure to check that out on the Jacksonbelle blog as well.

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Tammi said...

Great idea Kim! I only have one color, but if I ever get more I'll be sure and download this, thanks!