Friday, July 4, 2008

White Chocolate Cashew Pretzel Bars

Did that title get your attention :) First off, Happy 4th of July!!!! We are getting ready for a BBQ and I was in charge of dessert!! My friend Jess shared this recipe with me the other day and I immediately saved it with this weekend in mind. I went ahead and made the cookie part last night and then added the toppings this morning. Only problem I had, was the chocolate wouldn't stay melted because it's so darn humid here, but I finally got it to work. These get a OhMyYum award. Sooooo good. I love the soft cookie bottom and hard chocolate top. Then there is the sweet and salty thing going on plus the extra crunch from the pretzels and cashews. Love it!!! Thanks Jess!!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful celebration today.


Anna said...

Looks YUMMY!

Melissa said...

This looks really tastey!