Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Case of Nosy Neighbors

A Case of Nosy Neighbors: A Morning Shade Mystery (Copeland, Lori) A Case of Nosy Neighbors: A Morning Shade Mystery by Lori Copeland

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Book 3 in A Morning Shade Mysteries. There is a case of peeping toms disturbing the good citizens of Morning Shade and 87 year old Stella is bound and determined to solve the case. When she is not conducting stakeouts or strolling the streets late at night looking for the perpetrators, she still remains quite busy. She is driving her friends to community service, adopting a pet snake and issuing out citizen's arrest left and right. If that's not enough, Maude is in a cast and needing more help than she cares to admit and CeeCee is head over heels in love with the new vet in town; who is all sorts of sleazy. This was a quick fun read, even though I figured out the mystery half way through!

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