Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Town Motto

Okay, is this just a Texas thing?? We laugh every time we drive down to my parents house because we pass through a bunch of tiny Texas towns. What makes us giggle is they have these signs welcoming you to town and they have their motto painted on there. So the last time we took a road trip home, we made sure to bring the camera and snap a few shots. First up their is Smithville. Now I can't make too much fun of Smithville. First off, my parents both grew up, met and got married there. Next check out their sign, they are the home of Hope Floats. Yep, the movie was filmed in and around town and I love that movie!! I've been told the first sign was stolen, so they now have it really high up in the air, LOL. Now this is where we start to laugh. We come up to Moulton, which is a spec on the road. Seriously, they don't even have a stop light, but they made sure to put out one huge sign on the highway! I can't say I've ever stopped in Moulton, so I don't really know if they are as friendly as they claim. I do love that picture though. Look behind the sign and you can see the rolling hills. It really is a pretty area!! Next up we come to Shiner. Ever heard of Shiner beer, welp this is where the brewery is. Now their sign sure is colorful, but could they not come up with a better motto? Cleanest Little City in Texas ... I just don't have any comment for that. Finally we come upon Yoakum. They kept their sign short and sweet: Land of Leather. There are a bunch of cattle farms around there. They even have a complete cattle topiary scene downtown. I'll have to try and get a picture of it sometime. Edward Scissorhands would be quite impressed. Anyhow, I know there are many more towns that have these signs so I will be on the lookout for them.

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Melissa said...

Kim, I *love* these signs! I pass by the Shiner sign every time I take Cupcake to her gymnastics class. LOL. I do have to say that it is pretty clean town. : )

I'm wondering if Cheapside or Dime Box has town signs that you could take photos of??