Monday, May 26, 2008

Paula's Lemon Dill New Potatoes

Ok, so how many of y'all BBQ'd today? I'm still licking my lips from the yummy food we just ate. Ross has really perfected his BBQ sauce over the years. It has just a slight kick and I absolutely love it. Plus you can buy a whole package of chicken for under $5 and munch on the leftovers all week long! We needed something to go with it, so I tried out a new recipe. I was browsing the internet not too long ago, imagine that, and just happened to look up Paula Deen. Jackpot. I found a ton of her recipes that I wanted to try out. For today's BBQ, I decided to make her Lemon Dill New Potatoes. Yes save that link! OMWord, can we say super easy and oh so good! That sauce will have you lickin' your finger and running it around the plate once you are done. It was excellent! Edie, Ross also made his key lime pie. How soon can you be here girl??

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