Friday, April 4, 2008

Working the Bag

Check out the new arm workout that I'm addicted too and it's so much fun. It's on Wii Sports, in the training area, under hitting the bag. All week I have slowly been moving up in the number of bags I can hit down off the chain in 60 seconds. Ross just sits there in amazement and a bit of jealousy since he's not as good, LOL. Tonight I hit a milestone and got 40 bags putting me at platinum level. Woohoo. And before you go dissing it, give it a try. It's seriously a great arm workout. I can feel it in my triceps and upper back.


Jess said...

DUDE!!! How do you do this?!?! I'm up to 22 and I thought I was going to die of a heart attack or respiratory failure just from that!!

Lynn said...

I have to try this on my son's Wii, this game is soooo much fun and I believe you about it being a real good work out cause last time we played the game playground and I was way out of breath by the end!