Friday, March 14, 2008


Thank goodness it's Friday!! Just wanted to share these photos with y'all. We bought my aunt a vase from Crate & Barrell and filled it with flowers last weekend for her surprise bday party. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them. I LOVE daisies!!! They make me smile and they last soooooo super long. I was happy that we had a few left over to keep here at the house and they still look perfect. We have a busy weekend ahead of us. My parents came in last night ... we played the Wii til midnight! My mom is freakishly good at everything! My nephew is moving into his very first apartment. So tomorrow while the gals go to stamp club, the guys are going to do all the moving. Seems like a great deal to me :) Stay cool today. It's suppose to get up to 90˚ this afternoon, ACK! Too early for it to be that hot. Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Danni said...

Those are beautiful!!!

stampinlynn said...

How lovely Kim your Aunt must of just loved her b-day with you. All your cards and food are so yummy and good looking. I enjoy checking out your blog TFS.