Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Rachel tagged me:

7 things about Kim

1. I use to be a ballerina. I took dancing for 14 years and loved every minute of it. From tap, and jazz to ballet and point.

2. I met my husband when he was 15. He crashed my high school graduation party.

3. I LOVE to watch the Tour de France. I mean I watch it from start to finish every year for a month and I don't even own a bicycle.

4. I can only correctly say the word billfold very slowly, if I say it fast it comes out billfod..I thought Ross would die of laughter the first time he heard that one. I now just say wallet :)

5. Since we are speaking of words, I also say al-mond. I even sang the whole song to Ross to try and convince him I was correct, you know al-mond joys got crunch mounds don't. Then a few years ago we went to Germany with my parents and while we were standing in an ice cream shop my mom proclaimed, "Look they've got al-mond ice cream." See it's not my fault!!!

6. I love scallops and I had my first one a year ago when we visited San Francisco. Now I'm hooked!

7. I don't eat red meat. We voluntarily stopped eating it four years ago on purpose. Haven't missed it yet and let me tell you the odd stares we get when we tell fellow Texans that!

Now I'm suppose to tag 7 people, but Rach just wiped out all my bloggin' buddies so here's one:



Rachel Hope said...

I really did take them all didn't I? :D

Rhonda said...

Fun facts!! I took dance lessons growing up too! Not 14 years though, maybe 8. Ballet was too slow for me though, so Jazz was my fave!! :D

Danni said...

I'll do this soon. My hubby just returned from Iraq so it's family time for a bit!!