Saturday, September 8, 2007

Morning Glory Blooms

I thought y'all might want to see what we have blooming in our yard at the moment. I LOVE morning glories and I keep saying that they all bloomed just for my bday. The purple one is called Rebecca. We have it growing on the fence and it's definately one of my favs.

I got these seeds last summer from a fellow gardner and it has done really well in our area. He sent me a TON of different morning glories and our yard was full of buckets last year. My favorite part of these blooms is the hot pink star in the middle or I guess I should say the Pixie Pink, Pretty in Pink combo :)

This is a common Texas morning glory. We didn't think that it survived last year, so my hubby threw the dirt by the fence and looked what popped up. I love the tiny blooms!! The leaves are very unique too from the other morning glories!

You will find this plant growing all over Texas. It's called Esperanza. Ours has really grown tall and has almost reached the top of the fence. I love the bright yellow blooms it puts out! It's a hardy plant too so it comes back every year.

We love fresh herbs and have experimented with planting different kinds to see what does well in our area. This is one of our best finds. It is garlic chives and it just keeps coming back every year. Towards the end of summer it puts out these dainty, little white blooms that the bees go crazy over! We love to chop up this herb and use it with a baked potato!

This is our antique rose. It's name is Belinda's Dream. It has a wonderful smell!! I love this picture because the bloom is surrounded by 4 buds and dew was still on the petals!

That's it for the moment. Just trying to enjoy the flowers while we still can.


Tracy H said...

They're so pretty Kim! How nice of your garden to celebrate your birthday with some flowers just for you!

Melissa said...

Your flowers are lovely, Kim!! I always enjoy looking at your photographs.