Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Flag Day!

Did y'all know that it is Flag Day?? I didn't know about it until I started dating Ross. How does he know about it? Today is his birthday. WooHoo. We also have a nephew who shares the same birthday. He took off today so we were able to sleep in and go out to eat at Pappasito's. I told the waiter so he had Ross wear a huge sombero while they sang to him. Don't laugh at my cupcakes. This is my first time ever to make and decorate some. The base is a brownie cupcake and the frosting is coconut buttercream. Nala even got in on the celebration. I'm sure she will be wired for hours now :) Oh we went to Academy today and both got some Crocs. Ross got the regular clog type and I got some flip flops. Man those things are comfy. They might not be the prettiest shoe out there but they sure do feel good. We've just had a really nice and relaxing day together. Thanks for all of the b-day wishes y'all sent this way!!!!


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Ross! I'm glad ya'll enjoyed your day together. The cupcakes look delish! And Nala's so cute!!!

Edie said...

I picture miss Nala bouncing off the walls shortly! Make sure the camera is ready!! :)

Happy Birthday Rossy!!!!!!

The Wold Family said...

Happy Birthday Ross! Those cupcakes do look delicious! And Nala is one lucky puppy!

Rhonda Maynard said...

Oh my, your Nala is too cute, makes me think of that old Taco Bell ad!!!

Happy birthday to Ross!!! And I think your cupcakes look scrumptious!!! How fun! I have heard of flag day, but never know when it is, I guess I should look at my calendar a bit more!

I'm glad you 2 had a relaxing day! You deserve it!