Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Welp, we had one more exciting moment on the way to the bagel shop this morning. We walked out of the hotel and found ourselves behind a lady with two kids. The little girl turned and looked at me at the same time the mom started speaking and I recognized them immediately. It was Molly Shannon with her kids, Nolan and Stella. I always see their photos on Celebrity Baby Blog. Ross ran ahead and got a picture of them when we stopped at the corner. I controlled myself and didn't yell out Superstar while striking the pose, LOL. She seems like a wonderful mom. She was chatting up a storm with the kids and walking at their pace. Kinda cool, huh? We are heading to the airport so wish us a safe and smooth flight. Hugs.


Colleen Wold said...

Kim - Thanks for keeping me posted during your fun trip to NYC! Now I am really itching to get out there one day! It sounds like you all had a lot of fun and you got to see a lot of awesome stuff! I hope you have a wonderful, smooth, and safe flight home to TX!

Melissa said...


Molly Shannon???? That is so cool that you saw her interacting with her children. I'm proud of you for not yelling out, "hey, Mary Katherine Gallegher!" Your trip sounds absolutely fabulous. I hope y'all have a safe, smooth flight home.