Monday, August 27, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen

We went to the $1 theater (well it was a $1.50) and saw Ocean's Thirteen. We really liked it, but the other 2 were better. Nothing can compete with the first one! You know how Ocean's Eleven kinda had you surprised and left you going wow they really pulled it off. Didn't get that feeling in this movie. Don't get me wrong we still enjoyed it, but it had more of a comedy feel to it. We laughed many many times throughout it, but the plot and watching them play out the master plan was kinda predictable this time; there wasn't really anything that shocked us. It was great seeing all the guys back together, they really work well on screen as a group. Al Pacino looked awful with a fake tan, LOL, but he was a great addition to the cast and played a crazy casino owner. The Oprah scenes were hilarious!
Rating: 4/5

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