Thursday, May 24, 2007

You All Everybody!

Just got done watching the season 3 finale of LOST and my mind is spinning. First I must say that I am super sad about Charlie!!!! He was one of my favorites from the very beginning and I will truly miss him. There were several "gasp" moments throughout the episode tonight...Walt's appearance, Locke (both laying in the pit and at the end), Desmond shooting Mikhail, Mikhail surviving, finding out that Sayid/Jin/Bernard were all okay..gosh I could keep going. I think that my favorite part of the episode was when Hurley came plowing through the camp in the van to save the day..that was priceless!!!

I love the twist that the writers came up with. Seems like we will be seeing the future now and the flashbacks will be of their time on the island! Cool. I thought this was a great season finale and I know that I will be theorizing with my Lostie sistahs for weeks to come. It's going to be hard to wait for the show to return in 2008, but it will be worth it. I know that I will be watching all of the seasons over again.

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Rhonda Maynard said...

What an episode, huh?? I had all those same gasp moments too and had my eyes all welled up for Charlie and kept hoping he could somehow escape through the hole!! I was also welled up about Jack in the future too, several times. Although I didn't realize it was the future until the end, I felt so sad for him. And even though it was a cool ending, I must say it was SOOO depressing! Do we have any idea who was in the casket? I was thinking maybe Ben?? And maybe Jack was sad because he knew he probably couldn't get back to the island? I don't know, but it's killing me to know who it was. Our other guess was Sawyer, but then I thought maybe Kate is with Sawyer in the future, it seemed like she had someone to get back to. Didn't she just look so gorgeous! Nice to see her all dolled up again!

I'm excited to see the next season, but just hope they can keep it interesting and not bring the storyline too far down hill and depressing. I'd love to see Jack and Kate together. That was so sweet when he said he loved her, I almost cried then too! For his broken heart. Ok, maybe I have PMS, I'm getting way too emotional over this show!

Have a wonderful day!
Rhonda :D