Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LOST day!!!!!!

The LOST season 3 finale is tonight. I am a HUGE fan of this show. I met a wonderful group of ladies on SCS back in 2005. We started chatting about the show and before you knew it everything else in our lives. So to all of my Lostie Sistahs...Love ya! I know that we are all going to be glued to the edge of our seats tonight and have a million pages to catch up on in the thread tomorrow :)

I am so anxious and nervous to find out about the fate of Charlie and Locke. I hate when they kill off main characters that have been there since the very beginning. So my fingers are crossed that they are just teasing us and these two will be okay. I'm also curious to get more info on this Jacob. A couple episodes ago he appeared to be some sort of spirit, but if you look at the frames on the losteasteregg site , you can actually see someone sitting in that chair. Big question is...who the heck is that?? It also looks like our favorite islanders are going to war with the buggly eyed Benry tonight!!! Eeek.....gonna be a good show!!!!

WooHoo on Apolo winning DWTS last night. I really hope that we see his partner Julianne next season. She was a great dancer/choreographer.
My prediction for AI tonight is Jordin!!!!!

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Rhonda Maynard said...

Hi Kim!

Thanks for the link to the site with all the LOST goodies! I couldn't find the one with Jacob in the chair. I found the house, but not the chair, I'd be very interested in seeing that. I'm so excited for tonight's show too! Can't wait!

I'm with ya on Jordin! I LOVE Blake too, but Jordin is a much better singer.

We'll see!

Have a great day!